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AboutWho we are


We dream of adventure; that sense that we came together with good friends to make memories and accomplish our goals. SOMEWON was conceived in those moments of celebration. Whether you are an extreme athlete, a recreationist or a dreamer, SOMEWON represents the sense of community, balance, respect & integrity it takes to find your freedom.

SOMEWON embodies a LIFE WELL LIVED inspired by life in Revelstoke, British Columbia. We play hard, but in this remote mountain town – nothing comes easy. We have a history of taking care of ourselves. Our backyard is rugged, yet we embrace a spirit of resilience and resourcefulness. We strive to live in harmony with each other and with our natural environment. SOMEWON appreciates the moments and the resources our natural word provides us.

There is more to the mountain lifestyle than constantly pushing our limits. SOMEWON represents the rest. SOMEWON is there for the downtime, the après and the in between. Our real lives include planting gardens, shovelling the snow from our driveways and taking our dogs for a swim in the Columbia River. We ride our bikes to the market. We shop local. We upcycle. We have campfires on the beach. We take our infants and toddlers camping.

We find community in planning our objectives. We come together to overcome the vastness of our surroundings. We work as a team to achieve our goals. We are dedicated to creating opportunity and realizing a space for improvement. SOMEWON is here to bring us together through events, contests and local partnerships that celebrate and share our LIFE WELL LIVED.

Casual enough for all of life’s routine, yet reliable enough to take a little extra wear and tear. SOMEWON provides functional, comfortable clothing for day-to-day wear. Whether your everyday includes hiking mountains or walking to work, fishing or eating sushi on a patio, snowsports or heading to the gym, SOMEWON has clothing for your normal.

We are a collective of responsible, intrepid individuals who realize the value of a LIFE WELL LIVED. Every up has a down. Every peak has a valley. Our most dedicated endeavours require considerable preparation. All of life’s successes and adventures deserve reflection. Share your journey with us.

Be a part of the SOMEWON collective.

– Somewon Collective.