Meet Somewon Collective

Meet Somewon Collective

Somewon Collective grew out of the most organic of situations—a group of friends doing something enjoyable together. Even before its founding, Somewon Collective founder, Mark Baron, and friends would make T-shirts and sell them at parties. It was a fun thing to do and a relatively easy way to make some money.

Today, Somewon Collective is a thriving business whose brand is sold both locally and regionally. With every piece of clothing, we further capture the essence and vibe of our hometown, Revelstoke, B.C., a creative, tight-knit community whose members not only support each other, but happily work together.

To understand Revelstoke, you need to move beyond the rugged landscape to see the strong community that relishes the downtime as much as an adrenaline rush.


After Somewon Collective was founded in 2007, its members—a collaboration of artists, musicians, snowboarders and other creative types—focused primarily on creating clothing for the snowboarding community. But as word of mouth spread, the collective began to branch out in search of more opportunities and inspiration. The success of a women’s line of snowboard-focused clothing convinced us that there was both a market and an appetite for our unique brand.

Somewon’s clothing line is proudly a “mountain lifestyle” brand. When designing, we consider anyone with an active lifestyle or love for the outdoors be they snowboarders, hikers or campers, to name a few. The Collective also provides silk-screening, design, embroidery and sticker production services for regional clients.

At its heart, Somewon Collective designs and manufactures clothing that compliments the lifestyle that has made Revelstoke such a charming and adventurous place to live.


Ultimately, Somewon Collective is for people who love to explore and want to achieve something. It’s for those who not only like to design but also need to share their art with the world. This clothing line is not intended to be a lifestyle brand solely for artists, musicians or snowboarders. It’s for anyone who enjoys the sense of community that comes from being part of something.

At Somewon Collective, it is our mission to share our passion through comfortable and stylish clothing.

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