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Introducing Kim Vinet! We’re lucky to call this lady shredder one of our own. Not only does Kim ski like a badass, she’s also an advocate for being real with herself and with others about what this whole skiing thing is all about. Kim’s easy going attitude and honest approach makes her an instant friend. We also kinda like her because she wears a lot of Somewon clothing (wink wink). Kim’s been charging this season to make up for some lost turns last year, let’s catch up with her and see how it’s going.

Kim Vinet (wearing the Blanket Hoodie)

SW: Last season you had a pretty big injury, what happened?

KV: Well, I tore my MCL on the landing of a pretty decently sized cliff. I’ve had a lot of time to become strong again and to focus my priorities as a skier and in life.

Kim in her favourite environment

SW: What has it been like recovering? Any one thing in particular that made a big difference in your recovery?

KV: This was the most persistent injury I’ve ever had to deal with but I never lost sight of the fact that I would recover completely if I gave myself the time and respect to do so. I think I’ve become very in tune with what my body is telling me.

“Earn your turns”

SW: Cross training for après injury?

KV: I’m a reluctant mountain biker. Peddling keeps my legs in shape without too much stress on my knees (this season in particular). The forest and the alpine keep me engaged. My dogs make me do it every day. I say I’m a reluctant biker because it’s SUCH a difficult sport! You badass bikers are incredible athletes! I LOVED this past fall, rainy season because I could really prioritize my physical strength, thanks to Neil and Jaana at TransCanada Fitness and my mental strength, thanks to Matt Belair at Zen Athlete. That’s not just a gratuitous pitch…I wouldn’t be at this level without support from those people.

Balance Training on the Columbia River

SW: What were you most stoked on coming into this season?

KV: Honestly? I’ve found it so hard to feel like a pro skier in a place (Revelstoke) with so many incredible athletes. I’m glad to finally feel (internally) like I’m good enough. So I’m really excited to continue to meet and encourage amazing up-and-coming athletes and to have the stability back in my knee so I can jump and spin and flip and play in the snow! Because I know that’s what I want to be doing!

Dreaming of…

SW: Rewind for a second, when did realize you were completely smitten by skiing and the associated lifestyle?

KV: I have so many different answers to this question. Maybe it was at that time in high school when I coached ski racing because no one else would – even though my bro and I created the program just so I could try it! Maybe it was in University when I used to take the city bus an hour and a half to the closest (tiny) ski hill to instruct in the adaptive program when no one else I knew skied. Maybe it was in my 20’s when I got off the gondola at Lake Louise for the first time and cried when I realized how lucky I was to finally be in the mountains! I didn’t grow up the way most pro skiers did…but skiers have it in their blood. I think my background fuelled my passion to learn and truly appreciate what I have!

SW: When did you pursue a career as a professional skier? What sparked this movement?

KV: I watched a freeskiing event at RMR in 2010 and realized that I could ski (had skied) all of the lines that were being thrown down by the girls. I went to a Girls Do Ski event at Revelstoke Mountain Resort that same year and was really excited to ski with the coaches and realize again, that I was not only learning the right things but also developing my own style as a skier.

Nothin beats a hot chocolate after a long day in the snow.

SW: We have to ask… What has been your favourite Somewon piece for winter?

KV: Oh dang! I honestly wear Somewon gear almost every day! I think I wear the Blanket Hoodie the most. I love their tanks in the summertime and I’m really digging the Anchor Button Up right now.

Kim wearing the Anchor Button Up

Keep tabs on Kim by following her on Instagram @kim_vinet and let the fomo begin!


Interview by Abby Cooper

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