Woodlands Hemp Co Lab- Pre Order


Pre order only- shipping mid March
Designed by the grade six class at Bert Edwards Science and Technology school in Kamloops
“Our entire class works together by coming up with design ideas, helping to make decisions, and finding products to sell. Our profit is used to buy more products, to fund a year end trip and some of our money goes to a charity (this Christmas we chose to support “A Way Home” charity in Kamloops to end youth homelessness).
Our goal is to gain real-life experience about running a business. 
All of our products relate to our lifestyles and the things we are interested in. We have chosen to use hemp because of its many environmental benefits, such as: hemp absorbs more CO2 than trees, it uses ½ the amount of water as cotton, and hemp doesn’t destroy the soil like cotton. Some other facts that we like are that it’s lightweight, 3Xs stronger than cotton and anti-bacterial.
The graphic we chose connects to the scene we see outside our classroom window each day, with Mt. Paul in the distance.”

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