Somewon headquarters gets face lift February 19, 2016 – Posted in: Design – Tags: ,

On an unusually (?!) bleak February night in Revelstoke, BC, the Somewon HQ was taken over by two of our uniquely talented graphic designers to create what turned out to be one of the raddest murals we’ve seen.

Mark Kowalchuk and Benji Strikwerda are two of our designers who have produced some of the most awe inspiring pieces both for Somewon and with their own individual projects: Benji – Lowclass Art and Mark – Artschool Skateboards.

Mark came over from Calgary with his crew who were out to shred Revelstoke for the weekend. This was the boys’ first collaboration together, despite having known each other for a few years. They divided the wall in half, and it took them two sessions of four hours to get it done. We grabbed Benji for a quick chat on how he found the whole experience:

Q. Was this your first mural?

A. No, it’s not my first time drawing on a wall haha. I’ve done a couple of murals and live art events. It was great working with Mark, he introduced me to India Ink, we almost covered the entire wall with one bottle, the stuff really flows!

Q. Where did the inspiration for your half come from?

A. Beers, bears, babes and boards. I wanted to represent some of our town within my piece such as Mount Mackenzie, Begbie Glacier and The Big Eddy.

Q. How was working with Mark?

A. I was lucky enough to meet Mark and the Artschool crew in Banff a couple years back when I was travelling around in my van. He introduced me to a handful of artists and companies within the industry, one of them being Mark Baron of Somewon Collective.

I’ve been waiting for a chance to create something with Mark (Kowalchuk), it was rad. I usually work alone and sometimes forget how fun it is to collaborate with other artists and throw some weird shit on a wall or canvas. I hope to do more collaborations and live art events here in Revelstoke.

Here at HQ, we couldn’t be more stoked on this addition to the shop, and have had non-stop comments on it. Stay tuned for some time-lapse footage of the boys in action, and if you’re passing by stop in to check it out and say hi!

Props to Danny LeBlanc for the photo above (and many more) and Nick Macleod Khattar for their time and all the footage they got!

Artist on left – Mark Kowalchuk (Artschool Skateboards). Artist on right – Benji Strikwerda (Lowclass Art)