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JF Pelchat, DCP, Devun Walsh – those heavy hitter names ring any bells? The OG’s of snowboarding are almost ready to drop their 2-year film project and we couldn’t be more frothy about it. Regardless of your snow sliding sport of choice or current age, these dudes have influenced the snow culture, as we know it. Raising hell and stomping landings since they were youngsters the Wildcats have snowboarding running in their blood. The teasers for the new Wildcat flick has us starving for snow, luckily with the premier is just about to launch and the snow better start flying to match our stoke levels.


When: October 6th, 2016

Where: The Fortune Sound Club, Vancouver BC

Who: The Manboys will open the show with their 2016 snowboard film at 9pm. The Wildcats will take the stage at 10pm as they show off their feature film “Wildcats The Movie.” DJ Mat the Alien, DJ Illo and Vinyl Ritchie will keep the party pumping well into the morning.



London: 10.12.2016 / Berlin: 10.14.2016 / Grenoble: 10.15.2016 / Denver: 10.15.2016 / Vienna: 10.17.2016 / Innsbruck: 10.18.2016 / Zurich: 10.19.2016 / Montreal: 10.19.2016 / Toronto: 10.21.2016 / Calgary: 10.22.2016 / California: TBD / Whistler: 11.TBA.2016


When: October


How: Keep an eye out for launch details on The
Transworld Snowboarding website


We caught up recently with JF & DCP after a little August shred. We know what you’re thinking, South America right? Nope, our good friends at Gibbons Whistler invited these dudes for a summer patch shred session in the Whistler backcountry mid August. JF said “I was really thrilled to go explore and snowboard,” when we asked him what he thought about getting an invite to go patch boarding. It turns out it was more than just a day filled with snowboarding, DCP and JF shared the day with some talented bikers and had a couple big party shreds before enjoying an alpine lake cliff jump! The crew bounced around from various snowboarding, biking and swimming locations where they soaked in epic scenery and sipped a few beers. JF tells us that this trip fueled his stoke for the upcoming season and he can’t wait for the flakes to start piling up “after reading the farmer’s almanac, it’s going to be 1998 all over again!” Check out the full-length video below and check out how the Wildcats sent off summer!